Press Releases

Press Releases

We write powerful, relevant press releases to assist clients in increasing their presence in the media and in the minds of existing and potential customers.

We follow The Associated Press Stylebook guidelines, which lends credibility to your news in the media’s eyes. We speak the language of journalists, which means we are able to get- and keep- their attention when promoting your news.

In today’s world of the Internet, the truth is that a press release is much more than a one-pager you send to your local newspaper in hope that the paper will publish a brief on the topic or contact you for an article.

Internet marketing, search engine optimization and consumers’ penchant for turning to the Internet when researching a product or service have made it possible to get much more mileage out of a press release.

We will work with you not only to create your press release, but to get maximum exposure out of it.

Your press release can serve as a valuable search engine optimization tool, too. If you want it to generate links back to your website for SEO purposes or you want to post it strategically so people might find it when searching the Internet, let us handle the online distribution.