Case Studies


FITniche is a specialty running store in Lakeland that does a lot of great things in the community, but the three-store chain hasn’t always been successful at garnering media attention for what they do.

FITniche wants customers to love their running shoes. That’s why the store gives customers a chance to try out their shoes for 15 days. If the shoe is uncomfortable or the customer doesn’t like it for any reason, they can exchange the shoes for another pair. This policy leaves FITniche with more than 300 pairs of gently used shoes annually that can’t be resold. Shoe manufacturers would give FITniche a small credit for the shoes and accept them back, and simply throw them away.

Several years ago, Rich Wills, owner of FITniche, developed a partnership with the shoe manufacturer. He still got is small credit, but he got to keep the shoes and donate them to Special Olympics athletes.

We knew this was a story worthy of coverage and we pitched it with good results.

Rod Carter from News Channel 8 produced a story on this. Video here.

FOX 13 sent a cameraperson out on event day for a story that aired on the evening news. Video here.

Sometimes pitches to the media have a residual effect. We previously attempted to get coverage of FITniche’s annual Ladies Night event. Click her for Ladies Night coverage.

Weeks later, based on our Ladies Night pitches, we achieved coverage for a story angle we had pitched about the importance of female athletes wearing proper sports bras.

Ashley Glass, the weekend anchor for ABC Action News, produced an in-studio piece on the topic.


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