Starbucks handles complaints well

Starbucks is changing its Gold Member rewards calculations in April 2016, and many customers aren’t happy with the changes because they’ll have to spend more money to earn free drinks and food items.

We discussed this news on my Lorrie’s Stories segment on Monday, Feb. 29, and you can watch the video below, which was pulled from my Periscope broadcast of the segment.

Here’s the takeaway for small businesses: making changes to customer rewards programs may please some and anger others. The key is to communicate the changes well, and to be responsive to the complaints. Customers want to feel as though they’ve been heard. It’s the least you can do. The @StarbucksHelp Twitter account has done an excellent job of fielding complaints and responding in a timely fashion. This is a great example of how to handle these types of situations.

(Image viaMSR_Logo_-_Starbucks_Rewards)