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Beef Up Your Writing Skills by Avoiding This Common Mistake

The list of words that gets misused and abused is a long one. Lately we’ve been seeing the word “apart” misused a lot on Facebook. Today we’re sharing information on how to use it correctly, and when to use “a part” instead. Why is a public relations agency giving you grammar advice? Communication is key in public relations. You want to be perceived professionally. When it comes to content on your website or in printed materials designed to promote your company, opinions are formed about your business based on that content. If it’s rife with spelling and grammar errors, we can promise you this:...

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This DIY Public Relations Tactic is Free & Easy

As I mentioned in December, I recently spoke at a Lakeland Business Leaders Power Breakfast about things business owners should know about public relations. I shared some tips on easy ways in which you can get mentioned in your local newspaper. I’m a believer in practicing what I preach, so I sent information on this speaking engagement to The Ledger and the Tampa Bay Business Journal. The Ledger ran the information on Jan. 5 in its People & Changes section. If you’re interested in getting your name and your business’s name in the media, this is an easy way to do it. Here’s how: see how brief the information is in the entry...

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To Get your Business in the News, You Have to Follow it

Image courtesy of SDA Security If you are a DIY public relations newbie with the hopes of getting your business media coverage, you’ve got to be in the know when it comes to breaking and trending news. My reasons are as follows: 1.) You never want to pitch your fundraiser to a reporter who is on their way to cover a school that’s been held hostage (God forbid) all day. You’ll look like a moron; an inconsiderate moron. Trust me, I’ve been there. 2.) Staying on top of the news can also give you first crack at becoming a contributor to a story – or the story itself. Case in point: In Nov. 2013, the government shutdown and end of the...

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