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It’s Curtains for Google Authorship

News broke in Nerddom last week that Google had declared an end to Authorship, citing poor adoption by webmasters and low value to searchers. “Stone Temple Consulting discovered in a recent study that 70 percent of authors made no effort in connecting their content with Authorship,” according to a Forbes article. My first thought was wondering what this means for search engine optimization experts who work diligently to ensure their clients’ websites rank high in organic search. Every SEO expert I’ve been affiliated with has pushed Authorship as an important element of an overall SEO presence since its debut. What now? The end of...

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Good Writing: Google Bots Eat that Stuff Up

I love search engine optimization, ya’ll, but I fear this practice is blinding the world to the true value of words. Words are a critical component of the English language, and the way you string said words together conveys a thought. Follow me? Naturally, SEO should take a back seat to the quality of your website’s content. Words aren’t little rocket boosters to elevate your website to the first page of Google. They inform your public, establish your authority and have the power to persuade a teetering potential customer/client. Keywords undoubtedly play an important role in the Web copy universe, but saying you’re “a computer...

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