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Think Like a Reporter to Get Media Coverage

Getting coverage for your business or organization isn’t always easy. But as a former reporter, I have some insight that can help you increase your chances of getting media coverage. Follow these tips to increase your success rate. 1. Cruise the news  Read the news every day – especially news related to your industry. Knowing what is being written in your industry gives you a chance to identify information holes. What AREN’T they covering that they should? When you can fill this news hole, you become a valuable asset to reporters who cover your industry. Cruising the news daily also teaches you who covers your beat so you can...

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Why You Should Pay Your Local News Affiliate a Visit

  Lorrie Walker and I recently took a trip to a local news affiliate’s station. We regularly pitch stories to them, and it was a great experience; so great that I urge you – whether you are a public relations professional or a PR DIYer – to take advantage of if ever given the chance. Now, we didn’t just decide to announce ourselves at the studio so we could make the rounds networking and pitching stories – that kind of thing just doesn’t fly in the world of journalism. If it did, their halls would be inundated with people like their inboxes are with emails that have subjects lines that read, “a story idea you’ll love.”...

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How Do You Combat the Negativity?

A Lakeland Rotary club invited me to speak to them about public relations recently, and I got a great question at the end of the meeting: what do you do when it seems like media outlets only report unfavorable news about your business/organization? Having been a reporter prior to working in public relations, I can say this often is a perception issue. No one wants negative news about them reported in the media, so it can feel like you’ve been targeted when it happens. Most journalists work to be objective, but good or bad, they go where the news is. Sometimes you’re simply going to get the sharp end of the media stick. With that said,...

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