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What People Think of Spelling/Grammar Errors on Websites. One Answer Surprised Me.

Credit: Geekosystem In the days leading up to National Grammar Day, I conducted some informal surveys involving my friends, Facebook followers and members of the Lakeland Business Leaders Facebook group to gauge the level of importance they assign to spelling and grammar on business websites. Truth is, sometimes I wonder if maybe we’re a little over the top in our grammar and spelling snobbery here at Lorrie Walker Public Relations. We cast a lot of judgment around here when we come across promotional materials and websites that contain errors. It’s an occupational hazard, considering a significant portion of our work involves...

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We’re Celebrating National Grammar Day on Mayhem in the AM Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day we’ve anticipated all year: National Grammar Day. What’s a holiday without a celebration? Wasted, that’s what. We don’t think National Grammar Day – celebrated every March 4 – is appropriately observed in this town, so tomorrow we change that. I’ll be a guest on Mayhem in the AM (that’s 1430 AM on the radio, for my Lakeland friends) at around 8:30 a.m. to talk about grammar. Can you say “nerd?” I knew you could. The show is live, and callers are welcome: 863.682.1430. I do hope you’ll tune in, because the Mayhem guys claim to have only 13 listeners....

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Spelling & Grammar Errors Can Make You Look Dumb

When you’ve been a writer for more than 20 years and you clog your social media channels with pictures of spelling and grammar mistakes you’ve collected in your travels, friends and followers take notice. Mine start sending me their own pictures of their prized discoveries. Today’s post is inspired by one such gift. The business shown in this photo is a Lakeland business. I love and support small businesses and wish them no ill will when they’re running a good operation. But that doesn’t mean they are immune to being called out when they have such an egregious spelling error on their sign, which faces one of the...

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