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Why Reporters Aren’t Attached to Attachments

When it comes to pitching your story to a reporter, don’t- I repeat, don’t- send an attachment. There was a time when I thought a thorough – AKA lengthy – pitch and slew of attachments containing relevant information (press releases, headshots, fact sheets and source sheets) ensured that my story would get coverage. This was a delusional time in my life where I must have thought I was some pitching super hero who could be heard shouting, “Fear not, desperate reporters who sit and twiddle your thumbs all day waiting for a story idea; read my four paragraph pitch and multiple three-page attachments and not only will you have...

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New Year’s Resolution Angles are Tired

  This is a PSA. Just because it’s early January, it doesn’t mean you have to pitch a “New Year’s Resolution” story. It’s a tired topic. Might I suggest thinking outside the box if you want your pitch read? “Taking a New Year’s resolution angle makes my pitch timely,” you say. “This holiday is the only thing that makes my story relevant and I’ve been waiting to pitch it for months.” While it’s true you may have the holy grail of New Year’s resolution stories, I’d venture to say the odds you don’t are slightly higher. The exception: an event. By all means, if something big is going on New Year’s Eve,...

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