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Volvo Tweet About Malaysia Airlines MH370 Sparks Criticism

Photo credit: I’m on the lookout to see if a full-blown witch hunt will ensue for the outside agency handling Volvo’s social media. Malaysia Airlines MH370 is gone without a trace, and someone at this outside agency tweeted this recently on Volvo’s behalf: “The rescue operation for the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane is in full swing. Passenger safety is also a top priority at Volvo Cars, let’s pray together for the 239 lives that were on board of the plane. Bless them, and may a miracle occur.” Here’s a link to the full article about this tweet. A fellow public relations professional – Frank Strong –...

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PR Professionals Know It’s Important To Prepare For A Crisis

BY: LANITA THOMAS While organizations are typically prepared for an anticipated crisis, public relations professionals understand that organizations also need to prepare for the unexpected crisis. “It is not a question of if a crisis will occur, but when,” said Julie Fix, a University of Houston assistant professor at the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication. As the former president of the Texas Public Relations Association, Fix is a 25-year veteran of the PR industry and specializes in crisis communications and PR campaigns. According to Fix, a crisis can be defined as any interruption of normal business activities that affects the...

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