How Do I Get People to Like My Facebook Page?

I recently gave a presentation to a group of local business owners on ways in which you can use Facebook to promote your business.

A common question asked by business owners and managers is how to get more people to like their page. I always say it’s better to have 250 people who like your page and actually interact on it, than to have 2,500 people who like the page, but every time you post something, all you hear is crickets.

The whole reason for having people like your page is so you can interact with them, promote your business in a non-salesy manner, and respond to customer accolades and complaints. Having 2,500 people who like your page but don’t communicate on your page isn’t useful.

That’s why I spend a lot of time telling clients not to worry about how many people like the page, but to work on increasing the interaction among that audience. Facebook Insights can tell you a great deal about the time of day and the days of the week that your specific audience engages the most. Then you can tailor your posts to fit those timeframes.

There’s an Exception to Every Rule

Every good rule is made to be broken, right? There is a point at which you have to focus more effort on getting people to like your page than getting them to engage in it, and that is when your page has fewer than 500 likes.

“You can’t normalize the behavior of a group smaller than 500,” says Kevin McNulty of Netweave Social Networking.

If you’re looking at your posts and ranking by reach and engagement with the idea of identifying a pattern, get to 500 likes first. Then you can trust the patterns you see in Insights.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook

If your page has fewer than 500 likes, or you’re one of those hardheads who is on a quest for more, more, MORE likes, this section is for you. Follow these step-by-step instructions to get more likes.

Ask friends individually:

  1. Go to the Build Audience tab

Build Audience 1

  1. Click Invite Friends

Build Audience 2

  1. From there, you can click the tab left of the search box and choose if you want to select from all of your friends, friends who live in a certain area, or other search criteria.

Build Audience 3

Lots of people will like your page as a favor to a friend. Just remember, your next challenge is getting them to engage on the page.

Share your page:

  1. Click the button to the right of the Message buttonShare Page 1
  2. Scroll down to “Share,” and then you can share your business page on your personal page, another business page, or even in a group to which you belong.Share Page 2


Recruit brand ambassadors:

Big brands such as Disney and Sony use this tactic when posting information that they fear could elicit negative reactions in comments. Their experience has shown posts that start positive on a thread tend to stay positive, while posts that immediately turn negative are difficult to turn around. We’ve used the brand ambassador concept to gain likes on pages with decent success.

Every business has a few core people who are huge fans and supporters. Reach out to them and ask if they would share your page on their wall, or if they would invite some of their friends to like your business page. Every little bit helps when you’re trying to get to that magic number of 500.

Stay Tuned

We hope you’ve found this information useful. Stick with us, because we’ll post more Facebook tips in the coming weeks and months. Please let us know in the comments if there’s something in particular you’re having trouble with on your Facebook business page. Maybe we can address it in a future post.