How to Create and Share a Facebook Event from Your Business Page

If your business has a Facebook presence and regularly hosts events – physical or virtual – you should be utilizing Facebook events.

How to Create an Event from Your Facebook Business Page

Follow these simple steps to create your Facebook fan page event:

Step 1: Go to your Facebook business page.

Step 1







Step 2: Click “Offer, Event+” in the menu above above your status update box.

Step 2







Step 3: Click “Event.”


Step 3







Step 4: Enter the details of your event, and don’t skimp. People need enough information to decide if they have an interest in attending, or they won’t.

Step 4











Step 5: Once you’ve entered the event details (be sure to double check the date and time) you can select “Create.”

Step 5











Step 6: Add an event photo by clicking “Add Event Photo” in the upper right corner.

Step 6






Step 7: Click “Save Changes”

Step 7






Step 8: Invite friends by clicking “Invite.” Only invite friends who would find your event relevant. Notice that by selecting the options on the left of this screen, you can filter your friends by location, mutual Facebook groups, common workplace and more.

Step 8






step 7-2









Note: If you do not see the “Invite” button shown above, you may be using Facebook as your business page. Business pages can’t invite people to an event, so you will need to switch to your personal account. To do this, click on the drop down arrow at the far right of the blue bar seen at the top of your screen. Choose your personal account under “Use Facebook as.”

Step 9



Want to share your event to a relevant Facebook group?

Step 1: Go to your Facebook event page

Step 2: Click “Invite”

Step 3: Click “Share”

Step 3: In the top left use the drop down menu to choose “in a group”

Step 4: Let members of this group know why you think this event is relevant to them or ask them to share your event with their friends by typing a post where you see “Say something about this…”

Step 5: Click “Share Event” on the bottom right.

Now a post containing a link to your event will appear in your group.

Have you ever seen posts like this asking you to share an event with your friends? If you have and simply clicked “share” at the bottom of their post, you aren’t helping. What good is it to share their post asking for help? Share the event. That’s what they want! You do this by clicking on the event and following the above directions.

When you get to Step 3, you can choose any of the following share options in the drop down menu:

  • On a page you manage
  • On your own timeline
  • On a friend’s timeline
  • In a group
  • In a private message

Be sure to tailor your message to whichever audience you choose.

We hope you found this post helpful. Have some social media questions of your own? Leave them in the comment section and maybe we can help. Do you want your business to be more involved in social media? We can help with that, too.