The Thrill is Gone

Lakeland PR Agency Blog ProjectSo…if you check our blog frequently, you already know this: we fell down on the job of blogging every day. That means our 365 project sort of turned into the “99 project.” We blogged for 99 days in a row. That’s pretty incredible. We’ve shared what this blogging project has done for our website traffic here and here. And we still feel like we proved a point: blogging is good for traffic, and traffic is good for business. That means you should blog more.

One reason we couldn’t sustain this is because we spend a lot of time blogging for clients. Just as the painter’s house always needs painting and the mechanic’s car always needs repair, our blog will likely always experience periods of silence. Let’s face it: if we have a limited amount of time and we can choose between knocking out a client’s blog post or knocking out one of our own posts, the client wins every time. That’s life.

We likely won’t experience many more stretches of daily blog posts this year, but we certainly won’t leave you hanging for long at a time. We’ll continue to share information with you that we believe will enable you to get better at the PR game, and we’ll always be here when you decide the time has come to bring in the pros.