I Can’t Cut the Cord, Ya’ll.

Lakeland PR Firm The only certainty in life is change. This has been duly noted and added to the endless list of life lessons I’m soaking up right now. After 15 spectacular months of working with the Lorrie Walker Public Relations team in various capacities, I’m folding up my reading glasses and embarking on the next adventure…sort of.

Overdramatic and self-admiring goodbye speeches make me cringe, so I’d like to use this post to applaud the passion, work ethic and pure amazingness of Lorrie, Barbara, and the world’s most over-achieving interns, Nick and Danielle. They generate first-class PR for our clients and are simply awesome people. Seriously folks, this crew is savvy.

So savvy, in fact, that I’ve garnered countless lessons during my brief time in the LWPR office: success is only earned through diligent, honest work. The ability to write effectively is EVERYTHING- if you can’t properly communicate your genius through written word, your audience shrinks. It’s “touch-up,” not touch up. Speak your mind, but do so with respect. “Impactful” and “preventative” aren’t real words in the Associated Press Stylebook’s eyes. A thick skin is more than necessary. And in nearly all cases, exclamation points are stupid.

I’m carrying these wisdom nuggets with me to Valpak, where I’m set to begin work as an SEO writer and editor in the St. Petersburg area in April. I’m happy to announce, however, that I’ll still contribute to the now-famous Lorrie Walker PR blog.

I just can’t cut the cord, ya’ll. Can you blame me?

Now, a call to action. College kids, reach out to professionals in your town. I scored a writing gig with Lorrie after interning here during my final semester of college. Internships are invaluable; land one wherever you can. Whether your internship blossoms into a career or a simple bullet point on a resume, your time bumping shoulders with industry pros was time well spent.

It’s been fun, Lakeland. See you on the blog! :)