The Worst Grammar Offenses Ever: From the Mouths of Our Husbands

Our husbands. How we love them. We owe them so much for supporting us in our endeavors. But Lord, have mercy! They brutalize the English language once in a while.

Lakeland Content WriterWe don’t want to embarrass them, so we’re not naming names. But in honor of National Grammar Day, which was March 4, Barbara, Jordan and I are celebrating good grammar all week. Today, we share some of our husbands’ worst grammar offenses. Thankfully, we’ve managed to correct them over the years.

  • Pacifically- “I pacifically asked you to stop by the grocery store on the way home.” A few raised eyebrows later, this has been corrected.
  • Prostrate- “I have to go the doctor for a prostrate exam.” This husband was nearly sucker-punched and prostrate on the floor a time or two over this offense.
  • Thilthy- “Jeb’s house is thilthy. It looks like wild animals live there.” No, we didn’t make this up.
  • Prolly- “I’m prolly going to the driving range after work.” Like nails on a chalkboard, people.
  • Supposably- “I’m supposably going to a lunch meeting tomorrow.” Um, no. It’s SUPPOSEDLY!
  • Seen- “Where’s the remote? I seen it this morning.” Sometimes this girl thinks she’s married to a hillbilly.
  • At- “Where is that store located at?” Between the “a” and the “t,” as our mothers used to say. We don’t end a sentence in a prepositional phrase!
  • Irregardless- “Irregardless of what the weather is going to be, I’m going to run anyway.” Two negatives do not make a positive, darling.

What are some of the commonly misused words you’ve heard your loved ones say? Sound off in the comments.