Wish Less. Do More.

Wish DoTwo months into our 365 project, Google Analytics continued to show that routine blogging and pushing those blog posts out through our social media outlets drove traffic to our website.

We saw an increase of nearly 730 percent in website traffic from February 2013 to February 2014. More than 1,900 people visited our website last month, and 1,379 of them were unique visitors. February 2013 saw just 233 visitors to our site.

In comparing the first two months of 2014 to the same time frame in 2013, our traffic is up more than 900 percent. If you would like to see our January 2014 numbers, check out this blog post.

Web traffic feb 2014 feb 2013Web traffic 2014 2013

Writing a blog post every day has been challenging, even with five of us contributing and having a couple of guest bloggers along the way. I’m careful about who writes guest posts on this site, due to some information I’ve learned from Google. But when it’s a good fit and a writer I know and trust, we will continue to include guest posts that we feel will benefit our readers.

Why write a blog post every day? To prove a point. Doing this is bringing us inquiries and – more importantly – clients. It could do the same for you. We know daily blogging isn’t sustainable long-term, but frequent blogging is beneficial. If you blog only a few times per year and can increase that to a few times per month, you’ll see results. If you blog once a month and can increase that to once a week, you’ll see results. Your writing should do a couple of things:

  1. Show readers you are a subject matter expert
  2. Provide information potential clients/customers need

Take a look at these screen shots to see our analytics. If you want to take on a similar project on your website’s blog, get busy. The results happen faster than you might think. We understand not everyone is a strong writer, and not everyone has the luxury of taking on the duties of a content marketer. In Lakeland and throughout the Tampa Bay area, you have some options because there are lots of good writers who can handle your content needs for you. If we can be of service in addressing your writing needs, give us a call. We would love to help.