Stay Inspired: Do Some Squats

Barbara invigorating her brain through squats.

Barbara invigorating her brain through squats.

I’d like to think substandard math skills and A.D.D. are characteristics of a good public relations professional. That’s because this industry constantly necessitates creativity. Designing kick-butt PR strategies and writing fresh, unique content requires serious brainpower and originality.

We don’t just think outside the box, we live outside the box. We don’t even know where the box is, actually.

Wearing a permanent “thinking cap” can be taxing. A brain that’s tapped out of creativity lacks inspiration, a necessary factor in the public relations field.

If you’re a writer, PR professional or in another creative industry, we trust you understand the struggle. Here are a few brain-boosting techniques we’ve found to work well:

–  Stop what you’re doing and go outside. Notice how this does not say, “stop what you’re doing and watch Breaking Bad on Netflix.” A brief break from the computer screen paired with fresh air and sunshine can recharge your brain. Vitamin D from the sun’s rays is also linked to increased brain function.

–  Drink coffee. If you’ve ever doubted our creative abilities, take solace in knowing we are located directly above a coffee shop. We’re contemplating adding a “fueled by Mitchells Coffee” emblem at the end of all our work. There’s a reason the stuff is a big part of a working person’s morning routine- caffeine gives you a kick of energy and helps you focus.

–  Get moving! Exercise pumps more oxygen into the brain, and triggers the release of hormones that create a healthy environment for brain growth. Try to get in a little activity before, after, or even during the workday. Unashamedly, our office had a daily squat challenge last summer…

– Cautiously browse the Internet for inspiration regarding the project you’re working on until you’ve unearthed some direction. Stay clear of social media time-sucks, though.

–  Breakfast. It’s probable you’ve heard this ancient tenet a gazillion times, but you’re about to hear it again. Wake up 10 minutes earlier to eat a wholesome breakfast before dashing to work. Your brain needs sustenance to perform at its best. Enjoying some instant oatmeal or a whole grain bagel in the mornings will likely improve the quality of your work.

Do you practice other techniques to boost your brain and avoid those dry spells? We’d love to hear them. Did we mention we have to write 365 blog posts this year…?