How Sitting Between Two Ferns Sells Obamacare

Photo Credit: Funny or Die

Photo Credit: Funny or Die

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know many of you think Obamacare sucks. This isn’t about the merits of Obamacare. This is about how marketing and public relations strategists hit a homerun recently by working with the Funny or Die geniuses for a Between Two Ferns segment featuring Barack Obama.

We all know many people who desperately need Obamacare – read: those who are the biggest drag on the system – have signed up for it. However, the young adults the government desperately needs to sign up to “feed” the system haven’t been as eager to take the plunge.

Strategizing that began last summer paid off in spades with the Between Two Ferns segment. Funny or Die quickly became the No. 1 referral source to

On an average day in February, more than 33,600 people selected a new insurance plan using an Obamacare exchange. On Tuesday, the satirical interview between (Zach) Galifianakis and Obama, produced by, drove nearly twice that many to the government-run insurance marketplace, but a fuller picture of how many of those visitors actually signed up won’t become clear until new numbers are released sometime next month, according to CNN Politics.

Here’s a great article about how this video happened. And here is the video. Enjoy! It’s excellent.

Here’s  White House spokesman Jay Carney discussing the video: