The Brands, They Are A Changin’

As one iconic brand message retires, another brand recently received what is hoped to be a tide-turning facelift.

Lick off that milk mustache. The popular and iconic 1995 “Got Milk?” campaign has retired…but has given life to a new campaign known as “Milk Life.” The Milk Processor Education Program has introduced a new campaign that highlights milk’s nutritional benefits, according to a USA Today article.

“The milk industry has struggled over the last few years,” said Julia Kadison, interim chief executive officer of MilkPEP. “Consumers seem to be forgetting about milk. They needed to be reminded of the nutritional value of milk.”

The new campaign features print, TV and digital ads that showcase “What eight grams of protein looks like.” When we found out about this we had to do a little more research, since we had not seen any of the ads. We discovered more print ads and wanted to share our favorites with you:

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It’s so refreshing to see normal people featured in the ads, instead of celebrities (even though we loved the original campaign). Although the copy is a little long, it really matches the message perfectly and the overall aesthetic. I’m a huge comic/video game nerd, so I loved the little guy “bringing justice to the living room,” and if you know Lorrie, then you know she loves music, so the rocker girl is obviously her favorite.

The Milk Life website displays the print ads, TV spots, and also includes milkshakes and smoothies that are not just delicious to look at, but are also healthy for you. You can take a gander for yourself:

“Got Milk?” isn’t the only one receiving a change. After years of the beige, eggplant and forest green logo, Olive Garden is getting a much needed facelift, according to a Huffington Post article.

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The new logo features a modern font, sort of swirly, with a bright green grapevine. But the logo isn’t the only thing that’s changing for Olive Garden.

“We’re making a transformation to the brand,” Olive Garden spokesman Justin Sikora said. “We’re moving away from some of the things we’ve done in the past – traditional Tuscan warmth – and embracing a more contemporary Italy.”

Menu options, as well as wait staff uniforms, are also receiving an overhaul to appeal to this new change in direction. But not everyone is happy about the new look. Twitter exploded with the announcement of the new logo and the reception was horrible.


Our reaction to the new Olive Garden logo.

When we heard about these changes, our initial reactions were nothing short of a bitchy high school girl: “Ewww.”

“Milk Life” was an instant hit with us, thanks to its successful and creative TV spots. Olive Garden? Not so much. Making such a drastic change can be a risky public relations move, especially when it comes to brand recognition. We’ll have to wait and see how the Olive Garden rebranding plays out in the coming months.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the new “Milk Life” campaign? What are your initial reactions to the new Olive Garden logo? Let us know in the comments below.