7 Ways to Celebrate National Grammar Day. The Last One Makes Me LOL.

Lakeland writerGrammar geeks, nerds and Nazis unite! Today is National Grammar Day.

Oh, how my heart sang when Jordan informed me several months ago that there was such a thing as a national holiday to celebrate something so near and dear to me.

Our friends over at GeekoSystem say this celebration began in 2008. Their blog post on the subject reminds us: “We must foment superior communication and word snobbery, no matter how unpleasant it may make us at social gatherings.” Done and done.

Around here, every day is National Grammar Day. But that’s a given in our line of work. I’m going to be a guest on Mayhem in the AM this morning (that’s 1430 AM on your radio for all you Lakelanders), and we’re going to discuss this most honorable holiday. The show is live, and you’re welcome to call in: 863.682.1430.

We also invite you to stop by our office today from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. for a slice of grammar cake. You can even get your picture taken with our motley group of grammar snobs.

If you can’t make it to our office today, here are some suggestions for celebrating National Grammar Day on your own:

  •  Take a dry erase marker with you and correct the missing punctuation on a business’s window signage. I’d like to think they will thank you for it. If you have a bigger marker and a cherry picker, perhaps you can fix this sign.
  • Give your favorite grammar Nazi a cute gift from here or here.
  • Share this post with someone who irritates the shit out of you by making this mistake all the time.
  • Mail a thank you card to your favorite high school English teacher for teaching you that supposably isn’t a word.
  • Print out the email of a coworker who is notorious for butchering the English language, anonymously correct the grammar with a red pen, and leave it on his/her desk.
  • Enter friends’ commonly misused words into into this Batman meme generator and text it to them. Passive aggressive much?
  • Find the hottest guy among your Facebook friends who knows the proper use of your/you’re and kiss him square on the lips.