Spelling & Grammar Errors Can Make You Look Dumb

Lakeland Content Marketer on Spelling ErrorsWhen you’ve been a writer for more than 20 years and you clog your social media channels with pictures of spelling and grammar mistakes you’ve collected in your travels, friends and followers take notice. Mine start sending me their own pictures of their prized discoveries. Today’s post is inspired by one such gift.

The business shown in this photo is a Lakeland business. I love and support small businesses and wish them no ill will when they’re running a good operation. But that doesn’t mean they are immune to being called out when they have such an egregious spelling error on their sign, which faces one of the busiest Publix parking lots in Lakeland.

Friends, please get another set of eyes to look over your content before it goes to print. This spelling error isn’t easily corrected. I’m thinking this business would have to get a new sign made to fix it.

Would  a simple spelling error on a sign keep people from shopping at a consignment shop? I hope not. But what if you were in the business of advertising? Writing? Graphic design? Law? In professions where services aren’t cheap, don’t you expect excellent product quality? Don’t you question the work quality when people in these types of professions can’t be bothered to have content free of spelling and grammar errors when that content is designed for the sole purpose of earning  your business?

Now it’s time for the shameless plug: we offer editing as one of our services here at Lorrie Walker Public Relations. We recently edited a bank’s entire website and it took less than two hours, even with two rounds of edits. Editing articles for clients often takes 30 minutes or less. The final bill for our editing work typically is less than $100. I believe that price is worth the peace of mind you get in knowing your written content projects you in a professional light. Still, if you don’t want to hire a professional to edit your content, just having a different set of eyes review it can unearth simple errors you didn’t catch.Corrected Spelling Error

UPDATE: We are happy to share some great news. We drove by this shop March 1 and noticed the misspelled sign has been fixed!