Lorrie Walker PR Likes Downtown “a Latte”

The LWPR team takes a quick break for a photo shoot.  We couldn't resist including our favorite chocolate coins into the collage.

The LWPR team takes a quick break for a photo shoot.  And yes, the customized chocolate coin is a part of the team.

As an intern, the Lorrie Walker Public Relations downtown office is a dream work location.  It’s close to some of Lakeland’s best coffee — an obvious perk! (In case you haven’t noticed, I like good coffee and bad puns “a latte”).

In addition to great coffee, the area around LWPR also boasts some of the area’s best local lunch spots and a charming atmosphere.  I also love the close proximity to the Florida Southern College campus.

Lorrie Walker started her business from the spare bedroom in her house and would come downtown to coffee shops to meet clients.  In February 2011, she moved to downtown permanently.  Today, Lorrie Walker Public Relations sits above Mitchell’s Coffee House in the executive office spaces on North Kentucky Avenue.

While Lorrie effectively ran her business from home, she got to a point where she needed help. In public relations, there is power in collaboration, so she wanted a space where a team could work.

“I also wanted my spare bedroom back,” Lorrie said. “I couldn’t ask people to come work for me at my dining room table. Having an office downtown has felt like it gave the business legitimacy. And more people began to know our name.”

Lorrie Walker Public Relations has steadily grown year and after, and being downtown has been a big part of that growth.  Lorrie said some of her best clients are a result of her being a part of the downtown fabric.

Another perk to being downtown is having everything you need within walking distance.

“There are numerous dining choices for lunch meetings, and I love the interaction with people that being downtown provides,” she said. “So many people conduct business downtown, so simply running into them occasionally is good for keeping you and your business on people’s minds.”

As yet another perk, downtown has attracted a number of “creative class” businesses in recent years, and there’s always opportunity for collaboration.

The inside aesthetics of LWPR are just as incredible as the outside.  One of my favorite parts of the office is the chic candy bar.  On the first day of my internship, Lorrie offered me one of her LWPR chocolate coins from the candy bar.  They’re a huge hit!  A neighboring downtown business, Got Candy, crafted the coins for chocolate lovers and LWPR fans alike.

Lorrie has created the office to be a comfortable space for all who enter.  It drives the PR team to feel creative, motivated and happy to be here.  From bare bedroom to delightful downtown, LWPR is, still, on the move.