Good Grammar Is Sexy

Lakeland Writer on Sexy GrammarIs good grammar still important in today’s very conversational style of writing?  I would say yes.  In fact, I would say good grammar is sexy.  Let me explain.

Suppose you are texting a PSO – that’s prospective significant other – and the exchange goes something like this:

Me: Hey, how are you?
PSO:  Im doin good.  How bout you and me go hang out.
Me: Where would you like to meet?
PSO:  I no a good restaurant by the pier and there steaks is the best.  Your gonna love the view to.  I got work til 5:00 how bout we go there at 6:00.
Me: So sorry, I won’t be able to go today.

I hate to be judgmental, but this PSO just became a non-PSO.  No one ever expects perfect grammar in text messages or even casual conversation, but the above text message just makes you question this guy’s IQ.  Translation: Move on.

Now let’s see what would happen if we tidied up the PSO’s grammar:

Me:  Hey, how are you?
PSO:  I’m doing well.  Would you like to get dinner tonight?
Me:  Where would you like to meet?
PSO:  I know a great restaurant near the pier, and their steaks are the best in town.  You’re going to love the view too.  I work till 5:00; we could meet at the restaurant around at 6:00.
Me:  That sounds great!  Looking forward to it.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think this PSO makes a much better first impression and yes, I think good grammar is sexy.

Apparently Google agrees with me, and also thinks good grammar is sexy.  Google identifies poorly written content and bad grammar alike.  According to Google, spelling and correct grammar directly affects PageRank.  The higher your PageRank, the more likely you are to show up in high-ranking Google keyword searches.

Grammar snobs searching for products and services find a site, read a bit, see the writing is horrible, think the company is unprofessional and they bounce off that site and onto a better quality site. Over time, Google takes notice of the bounces and sends less traffic to those sites. Now your poor grammar is losing you business.

Good grammar is vital for your long-term SEO strategy.  Google thrives on positive user experience.  Create a good user experience for your audience and Google will reward you.  And after all, you’ve got nothing to lose – correct grammar can only augment your success, achievement and of course, sexiness.

One last thing: you know what else is sexy? Admitting your limitations. You can’t “fake it till you make it” with your writing. Grammar snobs can see right through that. Don’t be shy about having another set of eyes look over your blog posts or other content before you hit “Publish” or send your copy off to the printer. And if you don’t have time to write your own content, hire a professional writer to do the heavy lifting for you. Leaving your content in the hands of a professional certainly will take a load off your mind.