Why I Don’t Wipe an Asshole’s Opinion…Off My Page

Lakeland PR agency on negative commentsFacebook business pages are a great way to promote your business, and interact with existing and potential clients. Occasionally, someone might post an unfavorable comment about your company or product. But contrary to what you might think, do not delete the post…unless it contains defaming or vulgar language (which I clearly do not partake).

When you create your Facebook business page you also create an open forum for your clients to discuss your business. You should allow and encourage interaction, even if there are negative comments thrown in.

“Social media is a two-way street,” Lorrie Walker said. “You communicate with followers, they communicate with you. Just like when you’re in an in-person conversation with someone and they say something you don’t like, you can’t hit a rewind button. That’s not authentic.”

By choosing to keep negative comments public you show that you value what someone says about your company or product. And remember, if you don’t give people their say they will probably go somewhere more public and spread the word, which could be detrimental to your business.

Negative comments on your page require your timely response. Most customers respect people who keep their cool. Don’t let emotions overload your thought process, but know that a quick response is necessary. If the negative feedback is related to a product or company service, state facts without placing any blame on the other person (even if it was their fault).

But be careful about your response. If you approach the comment with a defensive attitude, that could convey in your message, resulting in a loss of clientele.

Image courtesy of 22Michaels.com

Image courtesy of 22Michaels.com

Let’s say you’re a bit slow to respond to a negative comment. Once in a while, that can be a good thing. It’s common for your brand cheerleaders to come to your defense, especially if your negative commenter is dogging a product they know and love – or if the negative commenter seems intentionally malicious.

“There are lots of ‘lurkers’ on social media- people who follow conversations, but never weigh in,” Lorrie said. “Those lurkers are watching how you address negative complaints and forming opinions about your business as a result.”

From a business perspective, are you going to trust a company that deletes posts they don’t like from their page? If a customer suspects that you deleted one post you didn’t like, how can they trust that you haven’t deleted more? Allowing negative comments to remain on your page tells the customer that you can be trusted, as well as respected.

Sometimes negative posts can be vague and not explained thoroughly. The best response you can give is to apologize for their negative experience and ask for a detailed explanation. After all, you want to fix the problem, right? The viewers of your business page will then see that you have responded and are willing to help, even if the person who complained doesn’t respond.

These “Negative Nellies” can also provide insight into some issues about your product or business that might have slipped through the cracks. It helps to know what the problem is so you’re able to resolve it.

“When something isn’t going right in your business, you need to know about it so you can fix it,” Lorrie said. “The truth is people are more likely to tell you on social media than to call you or complain to your face.”

It’s like I always say, turn your negatives into positives. You never know who is watching and waiting for your response. So you might want to think twice before deleting that negative post.