Beef Up Your Writing Skills by Avoiding This Common Mistake

Writing AdviceThe list of words that gets misused and abused is a long one. Lately we’ve been seeing the word “apart” misused a lot on Facebook. Today we’re sharing information on how to use it correctly, and when to use “a part” instead.

Why is a public relations agency giving you grammar advice? Communication is key in public relations. You want to be perceived professionally. When it comes to content on your website or in printed materials designed to promote your company, opinions are formed about your business based on that content. If it’s rife with spelling and grammar errors, we can promise you this: grammar Nazis everywhere are thumbing their noses at you. If having content that is error-free eliminates a barrier to business, why wouldn’t you make that happen?

Let’s start with definitions:

Writing and Grammar

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Here are some misuses we’ve found on Facebook lately:

Incorrect: Join NOW to be apart of the detox group.
Actually, I see no need to join something to be apart of the detox group. I’ve done a commendable job of keeping some distance between healthy juicing and me for years now. What I think this person meant:
Correct: Join NOW to be a part of the detox group.

Incorrect: Want to be apart of something amazing?
Why yes! Please keep every amazing thing as far away from me as possible. I’m sure this person meant:
Correct: Want to be a part of something amazing?

Incorrect: We love being apart of Lakeland, and the connection we have with our customers.
Don’t be hatin’ on Lakeland, yo. This has to be the intended statement:
Correct: We love being a part of Lakeland, and the connection we have with our customers.

One little space can change the meaning. Stick with us, because we’ll share lots more grammar and writing advice as we write our way through the 365 Project in 2014.