Public Relations Intern Comes Back for Another Round

Florida Southern College Public Relations major Danielle Snodgrass.

Florida Southern College Public Relations major Danielle Snodgrass.

If you know her, Danielle Snodgrass’s face comes to mind when you think of the term “go-getter.” We are happy to announce that this go-getter has joined our team as an intern for her spring semester at Florida Southern College. Danielle is no stranger to the office, as she volunteered here last semester and worked closely on our efforts to promote downtown Lakeland. For many young college students, internships offer rewarding and invaluable experience. That’s the case for Danielle, too.

Danielle says she found us by doing her homework.

“I did some research on Lorrie Walker Public Relations and was instantly impressed,” said Danielle, a junior majoring in advertising/public relations. “I thought their website was unique and their social media pages were fun.”

It was that “fun factor” that attracted Danielle to us, and what ultimately lead to her returning as an intern for the spring semester. Although internships primarily are about gaining experience and learning more about the industry, the work environment plays a key role in the overall experience.

“The best thing about working for Lorrie Walker was the work environment,” Danielle said.
“Lorrie, Barbara and Jordan are three amazing women who know their public relations. They have taught me so much about the industry and even life in general.”

Lorrie was excited to have Danielle for a second semester.

“Danielle is a hard worker who earned our team’s respect by being eager to learn and a quick study,” Lorrie said. “She has exhibited her public relations knowledge by taking on projects and being fearless about seizing new opportunities.”

Danielle’s hard work has paid off and even lead to overcoming obstacles and challenges that at first seemed daunting, such as being timid and indirect on the phone with clients, Danielle said. She also learned how to manage time properly and effectively to make sure obligations were met, especially since she’s a student with a full course load in addition to being an intern.

When asked what was the most beneficial piece of information that she has gained so far, Danielle had this to say: “Triple check your facts, ALWAYS have your AP stylebook handy, and don’t over think things.”

With the spring semester already under way, we are excited to welcome Danielle back onto our team and we look forward to experiences we will share together.

In case you’re curious, you’ve already seen some of Danielle’s excellent work if you subscribe to the Downtown Lakeland Partnership’s weekly eblasts. Keep an eye out for her byline in the upcoming issue of Upside Downtown magazine, too.