This DIY Public Relations Tactic is Free & Easy

Walker speaks on public relations As I mentioned in December, I recently spoke at a Lakeland Business Leaders Power Breakfast about things business owners should know about public relations. I shared some tips on easy ways in which you can get mentioned in your local newspaper.

I’m a believer in practicing what I preach, so I sent information on this speaking engagement to The Ledger and the Tampa Bay Business Journal. The Ledger ran the information on Jan. 5 in its People & Changes section.

If you’re interested in getting your name and your business’s name in the media, this is an easy way to do it. Here’s how: see how brief the information is in the entry beside my photo? That’s all I sent. The key is keeping it short. Each entry in People & Changes is typically a sentence or two at the most. The same goes for TBBJ.

Perhaps you are reading this, and your business isn’t located in the Tampa Bay area. No worries! Business journals are located all over the country. Business sections of local newspapers nationwide typically have something similar to The Ledger’s People & Changes column. Keep an eye on your local publications and you’ll find these columns. You also can call the publication’s business editor or perhaps an editorial assistant for information on when these columns run and how to submit your information for consideration.

I hope you’re not asking yourself why you should do this. But in case you are, here’s why: this is among the easiest public relations tools out there.  It gets people talking about you/your business. That’s good PR.

I learned my information had published thanks to Facebook. Someone who attended the LBL Power Breakfast took a photo of the newspaper brief, posted it on Facebook and tagged me in her post. Another friend posted on my page to tell me she had seen the brief. That’s good PR.

While this brief doesn’t tell a great deal about me and my business, it lets readers know information that is quite important to me: my name, my business’s name, and the information gives some insight into my line of work. That’s good PR.

The best part 1.0: it took me 10 minutes or less to write up this information and email it to The Ledger and TBBJ. So what are you waiting for? It doesn’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time. Now that’s really good PR.

The best part 2.0: Since this ran, I’ve been invited by two more professional groups to give this presentation. And then I got this in the mail. So nice!Good Public Relations