A Different Way To Pitch: The Social Media News Release

We all know how important social media is in public relations, so it was only a matter of time before the press release got its own social media version.

The social media news release has actually been around for several years, and has experienced some mixed reviews. Some professionals think the traditional press release is the only valid pitching tool, while others think the social media news release is a more engaging way to catch the online media’s attention.

So what makes the SMNR different than the traditional press release? It’s all in the numbers. According to Ragan Communications, “A social media news release is three times more likely than a traditional press release to be picked up and read by a mainstream media reporter.”

A social media news release is formatted with social media in mind. SMNRs make it easier for journalists, bloggers and other audiences to find the information they’re looking for. 

Here are some key components that make an effective SMNR:

1. Bullet points and bold font- these simple techniques assure the SMNR breaks down information so readers can scan it quickly and choose the relevant information.

2. SEO- use keywords that will make it easier for readers to find the SMNR online. Also, remember to keep the headline’s character count to a minimum, so it can be easily shared on Twitter.

3. Social media icons- embedding these icons makes sharing the SMNR quick and simple.

4. Multimedia, pictures and links-by providing additional interesting information, media mentions and examples, you make the journalist’s job easier. Your SMNR can be an inclusive source of information that doesn’t require journalists to spend more time researching the topic.

5. Independently sharable- each section of the SMNR should be easily shared by itself, so your audience can pick and choose the parts they want to share.

When creating a social media news release, remember that it is not meant to replace the traditional press release. It’s another way that can generate awareness for your story, but it shouldn’t be the only way. Create a sharable SMNR along with a strong traditional press release to increase your media hits.




2 Responses for A Different Way To Pitch: The Social Media News Release

  1. WalkHard43 says:

    Great post! If you have a blog, what version of the press release should you put on your site? The traditional one or SMNR? Thank you!

    • On our website, we tend to write a more conversational blog post instead of posting a straight-forward press release. We save those for media outlets. But ultimately, it boils down to personal preference and what your readers expect. Great question!