The 4 Benefits of Hiring an Editor

LAKELAND AND TAMPA, FLORIDA– Publishing the greatest story ever written can turn out to be worthless if your readers find errors and flaws in the text.

We all look to spell check to correct our mistakes, but there is only so much it can do. Proofreading goes beyond spelling mistakes and should be used to produce professional work.


Before publishing any written content- whether it’s in a publication or just on your company’s blog- it is important to hire an editor who will review your work and catch any last minute mistakes. By hiring an editor, you are setting a higher standard of quality for your work.

A client recently contacted our Lakeland and Tampa public relations firm to edit their proposal for a major statewide event. When you’re submitting a proposal to gain business, your first opportunity to make a lasting impression may be with your written proposal. This client realized that and turned to us to help them put their best foot forward.

The 4 major benefits an editor can offer a writer are:

  1. Credibility- simple grammar, spelling and punctuation errors can seriously hurt a writer’s credibility and even leave readers with the feeling that you lack professionalism. That’s why another set of eyes should be used to catch more mistakes. While writing, it is often hard to see the obvious mistakes because as a writer, you understand the story. As time goes by, you become more invested in the writing process, which makes it even more difficult to catch these mistakes.
  2. Consistency- it is easy to forget information when you are familiar with the story and understand the point you’re trying to get across. An editor will point out the areas that lack consistency and offer suggestions to keep the text flowing.
  3. Review work to assure appropriateness for the audience- choosing the right word can make the difference between connecting with your audience and appearing condescending.  Editing the work reminds the writer to look out for jargon.
  4. Feedback- An editor offers an objective opinion that can give you an understanding of how readers might react to the material. Editors will make suggestions on how to make the story clearer.

Seeing your name signed on a poorly written article or story is less than exciting. Hiring an editor will help guarantee the content you create is professional, relevant, and well-organized, which can help you establish a loyal audience of readers.