Flagler College Student Joins Us as an Intern

Laura Modrall, a 20-year-old senior at Flagler College is the newest addition to Lorrie Walker Communications, Inc.

The Bartow native says she chose to attend Flagler College since it is at the center of active and historic St. Augustine.  She practices her PR skills by writing a blog about what’s happening in St. Augustine, called “The St. Augustine Clambake.”

The blog started out as a project in her magazine writing class, but found it was a new and fun way to keep her creativity flowing.  The original assignment was to write a blog with a specific purpose in mind and she chose a topic she thought would be the easiest to manage.   When her blog received hits and likes she was excited and encouraged to continue it. “It feels freer than journalism because writing the blog feels story like,” Laura said.

Laura has practiced her interviewing skills and her blog writing techniques as a result of writing the blog.  At the end of her project, she won a contest for “best blog” out of the two class sections that competed.

Majoring in public relations with a minor in graphic design gives Laura the ability to make brochures, promote events, choose themes, and organize PR campaigns, things she loves to do. She worked on a proposal to change the image of Mothers Against Drunk Driving for a class project.  During this project she remade the MADD logo into something more vibrant and youth-friendly.  Laura suggested MADD become more involved in social media and change their website from a “mother-oriented” website into one that a younger audience could relate to.

Another suggestion of Laura’s was to orchestrate a program that operated similarly to SunPass but would work when an individual is too intoxicated to drive home safely. It would be called “Ride to Save Lives.” The program would operate via a debit card-like device.  Money would be placed in an account linked to the card and would be available for use when an individual is too intoxicated to drive.  On the card would be the phone number of a local cab company.  Once the cab delivers the individual to their destination, the person would use the card as a means of paying the cab driver, just like using a debit card. She felt that MADD should be more against drinking and driving, not necessarily drinking.  “Drink responsibly and have a designated driver,” said Laura.

She would love to have the opportunity to work in a PR position in Italy or France. However, Laura said she feels she would be more suited in the PR department of Tiburon, an Electronic Arts games development studio located in Maitland, Florida.

“I started off wanting to do graphic design for video games, but then realized that I could use my public relations skills to promote video games.” Laura said.

Video games hold a special place in her heart because she plays them with her family, and watches her brother play games like Madden NFL.  What made her fall in love with EA, though, was the Sims.

She said, “The way you can build your own house or change the Sims personality is so customizable.  It’s kind of like acting, but you get to play God. The more expansion packs you add, the more options you get on things like additions to the house or job types.”

Laura has become a part of Flagler College’s acting department and has been active in performing The Yellow Dress, a play about a young woman’s journey through a relationship that started beautifully, and ended in tragic domestic violence.  Domestic violence was a topic that Laura didn’t know much about before performing in The Yellow Dress, but now that she is more informed, she wishes to integrate her PR skills into promoting awareness of domestic violence in public schools.

Modrall says that in five years, “I’d love to have my loans paid off” in addition to working with the school board system to promote awareness of domestic violence, or in Tiburon’s PR department.

She wants to learn how to write better press releases, and learn more about Web publishing and how to write an effective blog from this internship.

Laura will definitely get the writing practice and fine tuning that she desires from this internship, and we’re excited to watch as she grows as a writer and PR specialist.