What’s in it for You: Why Storify is Worthy of Your Time and Energy (Part 3 of 3)

In parts one and two of our three-part series on Storify, we discussed the implications for public relations professionals of using this trending social media tool and why your business should adopt it as part of its social media practices.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, here’s a list of just a few of the many benefits your company will receive as a result of using Storify:

  • Your company can better target content that pertains to its products, services and audience.
  • Storify stories are more attractive to readers because they feature content from real people and include multimedia elements instead of large blocks of text.
  • Your company can advertise its brand, products and services in a new way, creating a mixture of traditional and new technology advertising techniques.
  • Your audience will be able to weed through the masses of information they’re viewing on a daily basis and find their ways to what they want to see: your company.
  • If the information your company shares is something your audience is looking for, you may be credited as an important, reliable source.
  • Your company will be able to support your articles with real time social media dialogue to reinforce your topics’ importance and relevance.
  • Your business can share industry-related developments and happenings that might be of interest to consumers and/or employees in an engaging manner.
  • Your company can make connections through notifying those whose content you use to create your Storify stories.

Here’s a local example of a Storify story we created for last year’s annual Hair for Hope event that one of our clients, Michael Rose Hair Designs, hosts:

[View the story “Michael Rose Hair Designs’ Hair for Hope 2011″ on Storify]

Not sure how to get started? Visit Storify’s website to sign up for an account. If you need assistance, this tutorial can walk you through how to begin creating stories using Storify.