Four Ways to Rekindle the Love Between Reader and Blog

No one loves poking around the Internet more than I do. Through my adventures in cyber-wonderland I’ve noticed blogs inundated with a lot of crap content. “Content is king” is the popular mantra, but is content really king? The saying should be “good content is king.” Simply because someone surfing the Internet has time on their hands, doesn’t mean their attention spans match. Remember you need your readers as much as they need you.

  • Write for people, not for search engines

Google is smart, but your readers are smarter. Avoid SEO-overkill and don’t stuff your content with keywords. Keyword stuffing can actually hurt your rank on Google. Write your posts thoughtfully to your audience, and listen to what they have to say. Often people will remember the brand that talked with them more than the brand that talked to them.

We hear Lorrie sometimes tell clients, “If you’re writing for search engines only, you need to stop.”  She reminds them that a search engine isn’t going to come into your store; buy your product; tell friends about you. People are.

Photo Courtesy of GlamourSpot

  • Duplicate content duplicate content

There are many reasons to avoid duplicate content on your blog. Consider this: the more time Googlebots spend looking through your duplicate content, the less time they spend searching through the other great things on your site.

No one knows what your customers need to know better than you, the business owner and expert extraordinaire. Instead of rehashing something that’s already been done, say something new and relevant. If you don’t have something fresh and significant to say, don’t say anything.

If you can’t find the words to make a great blog post, consider hiring someone to write it for you. Good writers can interview you, extract your knowledge and write a post that coherently shares your expertise.

  • Remember why you chose your topic

Writing can be hard when you don’t feel like there is anything good to write about. Think about why you started your business, why you implemented a blog on your site, and refocus your writing direction into one solid area. What do your posts have in common? WordPress has a great “getting started” game that would greatly help refocus anyone who’s lost their way in cyber-world.

Caution! Don’t write just for the sake of having new content. While new content will get noticed, too much irrelevant content will get your blog ignored.

  • Also, pictures.

Everyone loves photos and graphics. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and that’s a thousand words no one has to read. Have you ever tried to read a thousand words? That’s like, 5 pages, double-spaced. You know how big a photo on your blog is? Like 3×3 inches. Tops.

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2 Responses for Four Ways to Rekindle the Love Between Reader and Blog

  1. Pati Mills says:

    You are Write on my friend…I love reading “U”..
    I’m one of the many helping hands at Darrel’s Back Pack Project in Lakeland..Keeps my mind active, my work schedule allows me the time(wait,I’m Not working) and my heart Healthy…Lorrie I get to take home more than I give..A heart full of Happiness.
    So My Happy Valentine to You”The Polk Project”..
    Blessings and keep up the good work..see my other son Darrell at Workerscomp…Stay connected I see him doing Great things and I see you being a part of it all..(Oh I’m also a see-rer of the future)
    HUGS and so many Blessings to the best writer I know.
    Pati former Artist turned Gardenist.

    • Pati, I simply ADORE you. Thanks for always reading these blogs. More than that, thanks for being the feisty, fearless lady that you are. You are such an inspiration. More than you’ll ever know.