Intern Joins Lorrie Walker Communications, Inc.

For the first time, Lorrie Walker Communications, Inc. has an intern from Florida Southern College.

Melissa Rodriguez is a senior at FSC working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree in advertising, public relations and journalism. This is her first internship.

“I’m very glad I found an internship so close to school,” Rodriguez said. “I get real world PR experience in the mornings, then I go to class and learn about it some more.”


At Lorrie Walker Communications, a Lakeland and Tampa public relations firm, Rodriguez took off with a running start, writing press releases, blogs and promoting the recent Hair for Hope event at Michael Rose Hair Designs. Promoting the event was an enjoyable learning experience, Rodriguez said. She has experience in event planning and promoting through her participation in various campus organizations throughout her college and high school careers.

“I love that I am not fetching coffee and making copies,” Rodriguez said. “I’m actually learning. I’m really grateful Lorrie has given me this opportunity.”

Rodriguez said she can tell her writing has improved during her short time at the PR firm. As a senior, she is focusing on the advertising aspect of her three majors, and doesn’t get to do much writing in the classroom. Rodriguez thinks it’s good for her to work on her writing skills.

“Classrooms don’t offer the same opportunities to gain experience that an internship can,” said Lorrie Delk Walker, owner. “Students can really develop their skills in public relations much better through an internship because they get to apply what they’re learning.”

Walker also believes the staff in her office benefit as much from the interns as the interns benefit from the on-the-job training.

“I love to find out about what they’re learning, and I’m always interested in their take on social media,” Walker said.

When she isn’t busy balancing an internship, a job and a full-time course load, Rodriguez enjoys going to concerts and movies and relaxing with her friends. Ultimately, her life goal is to be an adventurer of the world. After spending seven years living outside of the United States, Rodriguez is addicted to keeping up with current American pop culture.

“Usually I check my Twitter feed before I even get out of bed in the morning,” Rodriguez said.

Checking various social media sites also keeps her in touch with the worlds of advertising and public relations. She enjoys reading posts from PR Daily and AdAge.

After graduation Rodriguez hopes to find a job in Florida working in the communications fields in which she has been trained.