Photo Shoot Basics

Vintage Camera & BooksSomething most clients strive for when they come to us for media relations assistance is coverage in print publications. They often are blunt about their desires: “We want to get our picture in the paper.”

We want to make that happen, too. This post covers some basics of photo shoots:

1. Remember the purpose of the photo

A photo in a publication isn’t always about providing recognition to you, your group, business, product, etc. Frequently, it accompanies an article and depicts action of some sort. Sometimes it is designed help promote your event. So keep that in mind when the photo opportunity knocks.

What does that mean? It means that you likely won’t get to have all 17 of your employees in a photo that accompanies a story on your new project launch, so don’t be disappointed when the photographer just wants a photo of a couple of people.

2. Understand the publication’s expectations

If you’re working directly with the publication/photographer, these are questions you need to ask of them; if you’re working with a Lakeland or Tampa public relations expert, this is information they need to gather for you:

– How many subjects does the photographer want in the photo?
– When/where will the photo be taken?
– If this is for a production or performance, do the subjects need to be in costume?

3. Set yourself up for success
– Make sure the publication has the name, phone number (including a mobile number) and email address of your point of contact. The more methods of contact you provide, the better.

– Find out whom to call to confirm that you’re still on for the photo shoot. If your PR advisor has scheduled the shoot, ask her to confirm the date/time one last time.

– Make sure the photographer has the address of the location where the photo will be taken.

– Contact those who will be photographed and remind them the day before and the day of the photo shoot, and make sure everyone arrives on time.

Remember that the photographer may have something come up- breaking news trumps a photo shoot for a feature story. So understand that the shoot may be postponed or cancelled. Just make sure you are not the reason for the cancellation because your point of contact couldn’t be reached, or the people who were supposed to be in the photo were no-shows.

Photo courtesy of â–ºCubaGallery