We’ve Hired An Intern

October NeumanAs the spring semester came to a close, October Neuman, a journalism/public relations and communications major, asked me about an internship opportunity. After speaking with her and seeing her enthusiasm, I offered her the job for the summer.

October graduated May 6 and started her internship with us the following Monday.

“I walked into this situation thinking that I would spend the majority of my summer filing and running errands, and I was thankfully mistaken,” said October. “I am grateful for this amazing opportunity Lorrie has given me, and I hope to make her proud in my future accomplishments.”

I believe that you can learn the concepts in the classroom, but we all know there is nothing like on-the-job-training to make someone better at their craft. We’re happy to have her on board for the summer, and plan to expose her to a variety of PR activities so she leaves us feeling confident that she has the skills necessary to pursue a public relations career.

Before attending Southeastern University, October worked in the pediatric and orthodontic dentistry fields.

“When I first decided to go to school for dental assisting I was working in retail and my hours weren’t steady,” said October. “I decided to find a stable career that I showed interest in, and would enjoy every day.”

Lorrie Walker Communications does a lot of work for Internet marketing firms that specialize in working with dentistry and orthodontic practices. Because of that, we work extensively with dentists and orthodontists to write Web content, articles and press releases.

When I found out that October had experience in the pediatric and orthodontic dentistry, I felt like I’d hit the lottery. As a writer with this experience, I think she’s going to help us as much as we will help her.