Agency Providing Public Relations Services in Tampa Celebrates Anniversary

TAMPA AND LAKELAND, FL—(TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2009) Lorrie Walker Communications, Inc. a public relations firm that offers public relations services in Tampa, celebrates its second anniversary this month.

May 5 marks two years since Lorrie Walker, president and a Tampa article writer, began her business, which offers PR and writing services that include press release and article writing, writing for search engine optimization purposes, newsletters and media campaigns.

“Small business owners frequently hear about that two-year milestone, and how many businesses never make it to that point,” said the Tampa press release writer. “I’m grateful to have made it this far and, even in this tough economy, I see opportunities for growth.”

One way Walker is celebrating the PR agency’s success is by creating an internship in her office. It is open to college students who are juniors and seniors majoring in journalism, public relations or marketing.

Walker sees it as a way of giving back to the profession by providing an avenue for a student to see how what they’ve learned to date is applied in the field.

“I’ve always enjoyed the mentoring process,” she said. “I look forward to giving someone an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned, and I also would like to learn a bit about what is being taught regarding social media in journalism and public relations.”

Walker is a proponent of social media’s many uses in the PR field.
A champion of local environmental efforts, Walker also celebrated the anniversary milestone this year by going green in her office. She replaced old carpeting with carpet made from recycled plastic drink bottles. Not only is the carpet made from recycled content, it also is recyclable, should it need replacement in the future.

Walker also repainted her office walls with no-VOC paint. Volatile Organic Compounds create strong chemical odors and tend to be more concentrated in buildings than outside.
Walker also plans to incorporate more plants into her office décor this month.

“I’ve done what I could to keep the air clean by repainting with low-VOC paint, but I’ve been reading up on how beneficial plants can be to office air quality, so I’m going to add some plants, too,” she said. “I believe that creating a comfortable environment is more conducive to work. I want to be as productive as possible, so I’m willing to try even the little things that will make my office a more pleasant environment.”
Energy-efficient lighting replaced incandescent light bulbs last year in Walker’s office.

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If you would like to learn more about writing services in Tampa provided by Lorrie Walker Communications, Inc. or you would like more information on the internship opportunity that is available, please visit the agency’s Web site: or Contact Us.

About Lorrie Walker Communications, Inc.
Lorrie Walker Communications, Inc. is a public relations agency based in Lakeland, FL that provides services throughout the central Florida area. We offer quality writing and editing services and provides customized public relations packages for small businesses.

Our clients turn to us to cut through the clutter of “fluff” writing and jargon to write compelling copy that accurately conveys their message. They rely on us to provide creative avenues for getting their message out to their market demographic in a fashion that sets them apart from their competition.

We specialize in bringing attention to your business by helping you get your name out there and keeping it in front of the minds of consumers.

If you don’t see your specific needs listed in our services section, talk to us. We may be able to accommodate you. If you request a service we don’t provide, we are happy to recommend a professional who does.

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  1. JD Transcriptions says:

    Congratulations on your milestone. I also applaud your carpeting selection, the look and feel are not at all what one might expect upon hearing “recycled water bottles,” and never smelled the “new paint/new carpet odors” in your office. How great for folks with sensitivity issues. I’m impressed with the technology used in your renovations.

    Best wishes for continued success and happiness in your field.